Rev. Jason Piteo

Pastor / Church Planter

Jason’s grandma often called him her “little pastor.” As a Cleveland kid, growing up loving the Indians, being too smart for his good, and not knowing Christ, Grandma’s vision seemed like a long shot.

He went to college at Purdue University, got a degree in Information Systems, married his college sweetheart Jill, had two kids and owned an IT company. Yet under the surface of this success, his life had become consumed with a cycle of getting up, going to work, coming home to eat dinner, and disappearing into video games until the early morning hours. His marriage was falling apart and he wasn’t fully present with his young son and daughter. 

Then one night, Jason miraculously met Jesus. On the deck of his house under a star filled sky, his eyes were opened to his sin and his need of a Savior. His whole life changed.

After serving the church for a few years, he sensed the call to ministry and perhaps to plant churches. In 2010, Jason and his family moved to Charlotte so that he could study at Reformed Theological Seminary. In these years, Jason learned that God had called him to be a church planter, all the while sanctifying him for ministry. He and his wife were also given the gifts of three more children in their time in Charlotte...all girls!

After graduating from seminary in 2013, he was ordained in the PCA and he and his family answered the Lord’s call to plant a church in East Charlotte. There, again, the Lord refined him as a pastor and as a man. In 2019, the Lord began to align his heart toward a new call to plant a church in Cleveland. In his free time, you can find him watching Arsenal football (English Premier League), studying black holes and the likelihood of asteroids striking the earth (very small), listening to podcasts (White Horse Inn), and reading the Puritans (Thomas Watson).


Rev. Bill Powis

Pastor / Church Planter (on sabbatical)

"Just a kid from Akron". I'm sure you've heard that before. But that's my story. The last thing I ever thought I would be doing was starting churches. And yet, here I am, or rather, here we are. I am Pastor Bill Powis and my wife is Patty. We're both "kids from Akron", Ohio born and raised.

Our spiritual journey began at the Chapel in Akron, Ohio. I was a burned out musician in search of a reason to live and Patty was a really nice, religious girl who would never have given me the time of day in my former life. And then 'it' happened. Yes, we both met Jesus Christ at the Chapel. So, we have been following Jesus our whole married life and starting churches.

That's where YOU come into the story. We are a new church in Strongsville, Ohio and we want you and your family to join us wherever you may be in your spiritual journey.