(what we’re all about)


We are a church that’s “all about” Jesus! Our aim is to know him deeply, to grow more like him, and to show him forth to others.


To love God by worshiping and delighting in him; to love others by proclaiming the good news of Jesus, in word and deed, to the church, to our neighbors in Cleveland, and to the ends of the earth.

Our VALUES flow from our Union With Christ

About our NAME & LOGO…

Resurrection is near and dear to our hearts at Resurrection Presbyterian Church. We refer primarily to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, who died for our sins but rose from the dead, securing our eternal lives with him. We also hope to be reminded of our own resurrection, in Christ, as our eternal spiritual lives have begun already, while we also await our bodily/physical resurrection when Jesus returns to make all things new. Our logo is a rendition of the classic Christian image of the Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God who represents Christ, holding a banner which symbolizes his victory over death, thus securing our resurrection.